Pool Safety Inspections Sydney

Platinum Pool Certification - Sydney’s E1 Certification specialist.

More than 90% of all pools in NSW fail the first certification check and you are obliged to make your pool fully compliant within six weeks of your first inspection.

We can advise you before your inspection to ensure you are ready and the scope of work that may be required. This will allow you to have ample time to arrange any work neccessary with trademans and suppliers.

Please read Pool and Spa Safety checklist for tips and pool inspection readiness information to help you be inspection ready.

Why choose us?

We provide Affordable, detailed inspections in the field of pool safety barrier certification, delivering compliance certificates for fences and barriers with speed and professionalism.

We guarantee you will receive the right advice, personally tailored to your needs to help you reach compliance in the most efficient timely and worry free manner possible.

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